Dimensional shingles are “asphalt shingles with a twist.”Typical asphalt shingles have three regularly spaced asphalt tabs; in contrast, dimensional shingles have two layers of shingle material bonded together, giving them a three-dimensional appearance.

Dimensional shingles have several benefits compared to traditional 3-tab shingles and are typically the top choice for businesses. They were created in response to luxury homeowner requests and were primarily for appearance rather than function. It wasn’t until years later that they were recognized as a sturdy roofing material that could not only look like cedar shingles but last longer.

Designer Shingles
• Many manufacturers have expanded upon the original cedar-like dimensional shingle concept much further to create countless styles, ranging from classy to rugged and dramatic.
• Designer shingles typically include decorative and ornate shapes, various colors and specialized cuts
• Manufacturers continue to create new versions that simulate the appearance of numerous materials.
Dimensional shingles go by many names throughout the market. You may find them under the following names/descriptions: architectural, high-definition (HD), premium, ultra-premium, etc.

Dimensional shingles are now one of the most popular types of shingles for both commercial and residential use. They are must-haves for areas of high winds and hail and a frequent favorite for luxury homes and pragmatic businesses. They can be used to cover any irregularities in the roof’s build as well.
Common dimensional shingles include slate and cedar shakes, designed to look like their true counter-part. Certain colors and texture can be used to accent specific features (roof slant and turrets, for example).

Cost & Lifespan
On average, dimensional shingles cost around $3-5 per square foot installed, which is about 20% more than 3-tab shingles but can get as high as 40% more, depending on the manufacturer, the company selling them, and materials used. Designer shingles average $4-$6 per square foot installed.If you’re considering buying shingles in bundles (which cover about 33 square feet, or three “squares”), you can expect prices to range from $25/bundle to $60/bundle.

**** Please note that these are general averages, and do not includeremoving an existing roof.****

Like most other roofing products, you’ll find a wide selection of materials with ranges in lifespan and warranties. Dimensional shingles usually start at a lifespan of25-30 years for the weaker materials and up to 50 years with stronger materials. Moreover, dimensional shingles are generally more durable compared to 3-tab shingles. Dimensional shingles usually come with a warranty encompassing the length of the lifespan of the house itself.Dimension shingles’ extended life often reduces the cost of home/building insurance, so make sure you update your insurance policy once you have made your improvements with dimensional shingles.

Pros of Dimensional Shingles
Because of the shingles’ double bonded layer, dimensional shingles offer significantly more protection from wind and hail, with the heaviest grades able to withstand 130 mph winds. Other benefits include:
• Longer lifespan – 40-50 year warranties are not uncommon.
• Pleasing appearance – plenty of colors and options available to give your roof a unique look.
• Shingles are less likely to warp due to heavier construction.
• Better at hiding structural imperfections in and on the roof.
• Readily available due to popularity.
• They work on most roof types and pitches; as with traditional asphalt shingles, these can be used practically anywhere.
• Generally accepted as more attractive – so much so that many upper-class neighborhoods require them.
• The improved appearance doesn’t reduce function, unlike other items purchased for aesthetical purposes.
• Using these shingles makes your property stand out from the rest

Cons of Dimensional Shingles
• Dimensional shingles are slightly more expensive; the double layer adds about 20% to the cost (on average).
• They may be more susceptible to mildew and moss growth; all asphalt shingles have this characteristic because the organic material in the shingle is one of mold’s favorite homes.

Now that you have the basics, are you ready to make your roof (and by extension, your property) more attractive?

What’s Next?
Making changes to your roof is a big decision, and you should make sure you have all your questions answered. Talk over your options with an experienced contractor to make sure you get the right fit for your home.

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