When you’re doing home repair, it’s often pretty apparent when your house needs to be repainted or updated, but it’s often a lot more difficult to spot problems with your roof. Obvious problems like leaks or missing shingles will be apparent, but even if your roof is just getting older, it’s a good idea to check periodically for damage. You can do this yourself, but if you have any cause for concern, it’s a good idea to get a professional to help you make an assessment and offer guidance.

In general, if you’re noticing that your roof is looking weathered or run down, it’s a good idea to take a look even if there’s nothing obvious like missing shingles. The lifespan of a roof will vary significantly depending on the type of roof you have, but in general if you know you have an older roof or there’s been a recent hurricane or violent weather system, it’s time to check. Look for curling shingles, tears, crumbling of asphalt or concrete tiles, decay and stains, or splitting shingles.

Make sure to check inside as well – if you notice peeling paint or wallpaper, or damp spots in the ceiling, it’s a sign that your roof may have a leak. Also make sure to check the attic if you suspect you might have a problem, as this may help you identify leaks before they get too serious. Mouldy spots in the attic may be a signal that there’s a leak as well, and from the attic, you’ll also want to make sure that there’s no light coming in through small cracks or holes. If your attic isn’t pitch black, your roof has an issue. It’s important to remember that the location of leaks on the inside may not correspond directly to the location of shingle damage on the outside, so if you do spot leaks, it’s important to get a roofing company to take a look.

If you notice any shingle damage, take action as soon as possible – if you turn a blind eye to small problems, they can become big ones down the road. But do you need to repair part of the roof or should you replace it? That’s the next important question. Usually if the damage sustained is to a specific area or side of the roof, you’ll just need to replace a section. However, if your roof is older it might be a good idea to replace the entire thing all at once instead of doing it in sections – and if you notice the roof sagging, that’s generally an indication that you should replace it as soon as possible. If you’re at all unsure, it’s a good idea to get an estimate from a Miami roofing company, since depending on the extent of the damage, the cost of repair may not be that much less than the cost of a new roof. If you’d spend 75% of the cost of a new roof on a roof repair anyway, then you might be better off spending the extra 25% to replace the whole thing.

One other reason you may be thinking about re-roofing is if you’re redesigning or updating your house. Different roofing materials and colours can have a significant impact on the look of a house, and if you are concerned about the energy efficiency of your home, updating the roof might be part of the solution. Metal roofs and tile roofs are much more energy efficient than asphalt shingles, and their ability to reflect sunlight can be a significant factor in cooling a house down, especially in Florida where energy absorption through asphalt roofing can make a house much hotter. Since they last much longer than asphalt roofs, metal and tile roofs can also offer you peace of mind when there’s extreme weather.

Whatever your reason for wanting to repair or replace your roof, it’s important to get a professional to look at it to ensure that you’re making the best decision for the longevity of your house. Roof installation is best left to the professionals, to protect against future leaks and additional damage. Design Builders roofing offers roof repair in Hialeah and roof repair in Homestead as well as Miami, and if you have questions, we can give you a free estimate for both roof repairs and roof replacements to help you make the right choice. When there’s a quality roof over your head, your house will thank you.